American Collegiate Academy
is accredited by Cognia

ACA is also NCAA certified allowing all student athletes to be eligible for athletic scholarships. American Collegiate Academy is approved to issue I-20 forms, allowing foreign students to apply for F1 visas, and come to study as foreign students in the United States at our school.

Being accredited by Cognia is highly beneficial for educational institutions as it signifies a commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and high standards of quality in education. Cognia accreditation enhances an institution’s credibility and reputation, both locally and globally, by demonstrating that it meets rigorous standards of quality and excellence. Accreditation by Cognia also provides access to a network of resources, support, and expertise to help institutions improve and stay current with the latest trends in education. Additionally, Cognia accreditation increases student and parent confidence in the institution, as it assures them that the educational programs meet recognized standards of quality and rigor. Overall, being accredited by Cognia helps institutions demonstrate their dedication to providing a high-quality education that prepares students for future success.

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