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At American Collegiate Academy, we’re not just shaping minds; we’re cultivating the future leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Our commitment to transforming the high school learning experience goes beyond the ordinary, providing a dynamic and student-centered environment that empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

Why Support American
Collegiate Academy?

Future-ready Education

In a world marked by rapid changes and increasing complexity, we recognize the need to equip students with more than just knowledge. Our vision is to engage students today, inspiring them to become creative, successful members of a global society tomorrow.

Unparalleled Vision

We are breaking free from traditional education models by unbundling private education options. This allows us to deliver highly specialized instructional methods, catering to individual learning needs. No more rigid schedules or limiting educational programs; we are building an educational future that maximizes possibilities.

Diverse Learning Programs

American Collegiate Academy's commitment to diversity is not just a value; it's a cornerstone of our educational approach. From academic curriculum and instruction to athletic participation, artistic expression, and advanced learning opportunities, we provide a well-rounded education that fosters holistic development.

Tax Deductions

The amount you can deduct is equal to the value of all cash and property you donate to the school district programs.

Our Mission: Changing Lives

American Collegiate Academy’s mission is clear: we prepare students for future success by providing a diverse, student-centered environment that nurtures academic, social, and personal growth. Your support enables us to continue creating an exciting and enriching educational atmosphere every day.

Building the Future:
Our Purpose and Values

Unbundling Education

We are redefining the educational experience by untangling distinct academic programs and supports, ensuring flexibility, efficiency, and individualized attention.

Values that Guide Us

Our values serve as a compass, guiding every decision and action. From leadership and collaboration to integrity and diversity, we are committed to excellence in education.

How You Can Make a Difference

Your donation to American Collegiate Academy isn’t just an investment in education; it’s an investment in the future. Join us in shaping a greater future through:








Let’s learn Together:
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Your contribution supports a revolution in education. Join us in empowering the future at American Collegiate Academy. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of students and the world they will shape. Donate today and be a part of our transformative journey! 

If you’re interested in donating, please schedule an appointment with Peter Alexandrou palexandrou@americancollegiate.us

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