dual diploma program

Introducing American Collegiate Academy's
Dual Diploma Program

Accredited by COGNIA, our Dual Diploma Program offers international students the unique opportunity to earn dual diplomas from both their home country and the United States. With exclusive programs in China, Vietnam, and Azerbaijan, you’ll have access to Western-trained staff delivering our rigorous American curriculum.

A Truly Global Education Experience

Our commitment to global education is further reinforced by our upcoming Brooksville, Florida, and Escondido, California campuses, ensuring a seamless transition for international students.

Unlock Global Opportunities

The Dual Diploma Program allows students to maintain their home country’s curriculum while simultaneously pursuing U.S. high school courses. This powerful combination prepares them for the next step, whether it’s college or career.

Unlock your global potential with American Collegiate Academy’s Dual Diploma Program. Explore your options today and embark on an educational journey like no other.

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