Tuition is published in our Apply Now section, but we accept all of Florida’s School Choice Scholarships that may fully cover your student’s tuition.

The scholarships we currently accept are the following; FTC, FES-EO, FES-UA, and Hope. These are administered by either Step Up for Students or AAA.

You can get click for details and apply for all of these scholarships at www.stepupforstudents.org or www.aaascholarships.org.

We also have several payment plans available if necessary. Book a consultation on our booking page today!

American Collegiate Academy offers grades K-12. Book a consultation with our Recruitment Director or one of our team members to find out more!

The average student/teacher ratio is 16:1.

All students grades K-12 are required to wear the American Collegiate Academy polo for their uniform shorts and may wear khaki or navy blue knee-length shorts or pants. On Fridays, students may wear an American Collegiate Academy T-shirt (athletic warm-up shirts, shirts purchased in our spirit shop, camp T-shirts, etc.) bearing the American Collegiate Academy name or logo along with non-ripped jeans (Fridays only). Jean shorts and jeans with paint are not permitted.

Yes, American Collegiate Academy does provide transportation to families who wish to enroll their students. The busses pick up students before school and drop them off after school unless the student participates on a sports team. Transportation services are offered to Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, Seminole, Pinellas Park, St. Petersburg, and Tampa.

Yes! There are various opportunities for parent involvement at American Collegiate Academy, and each parent is required to volunteer a certain number of hours each school year. Parent involvement opportunities include sports games or practices, teacher appreciation week, P.T.A, booster club (parent volunteer community to support a specific cause), substitute teaching, homecoming and prom, spirit week, community service events, fundraisers, field trip chaperones, and more.

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