Learning Pathways

pathway 1

empowerED Scholars Program 

The EmpowerED Scholars program is an elite honors pathway designed for high-achieving high school students. With a GPA threshold of 3.4, it offers a unique blend of on-campus and online learning, providing flexibility. Students are challenged with a minimum of two dual enrollment or AP courses annually. Admission is rigorous, determined by faculty vote each semester. The goal? Cultivate academic excellence and create a vibrant learning community.

pathway 2

Pathway to Excellence Program

The Pathway to Excellence program provides a full-campus, hands-on education for students from elementary to high school. It’s all about immersion, creating a supportive community for seamless learning. With a focus on continuity, students smoothly transition from one level to the next, forging strong bonds with peers and teachers along the way. It’s the ultimate preparation for future success.

pathway 3

Cyber Scholars Program

The Cyber Scholars program serves the diverse needs of middle and high schoolers requiring an online education due to disciplinary issues, learning disabilities, or alternative schooling preferences. Offering flexibility and support, all courses are in a traditional online format, enabling students to work at their own pace. Whether seeking an alternative learning environment or facing challenges with traditional schooling, Cyber Scholars provides a comprehensive educational experience. With a self-paced curriculum, students take charge of their learning journey while receiving vital academic support.

pathway 4

Spanish Immersion Program

We’re all about introducing Spanish language and culture to elementary kids. Why? Because we believe learning a second language early on enhances critical thinking, sparks creativity, and fosters cultural appreciation. Every child is special, and we know they thrive in a fun, nurturing, and inclusive setting. That’s why our dynamic curriculum includes music, dance, drama, and art—it’s all about interactive learning. Our aim? Creating an environment where kids not only learn but also have a blast, share with others, and feel proud of their achievements.

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