Gradudation Requirements

Meeting Graduation and NCAA Requirements for Student- Athletes

Student-athletes who are traveling for national tournaments and games have a structured system in place to ensure they can complete recovery work and stay on track with their coursework. Through their SAVVAS accounts, they have access to course materials, allowing them to continue their studies even while away from school.

Teachers play a crucial role in this process by providing support and facilitating access to any credit recovery work that students may miss due to travel. By leveraging technology and teacher assistance, student-athletes can maintain academic progress and balance their athletic commitments with their educational goals effectively. This comprehensive approach underscores the school’s commitment to supporting the holistic development of its student-athletes.

Student-athletes at our school are not only focused on meeting the standard graduation requirements but also prioritize adherence to the NCAA eligibility requirements. This dual commitment is integral to their academic and athletic success. By fulfilling both sets of requirements, student-athletes ensure they are well-prepared for their future endeavors, whether pursuing collegiate sports or other career paths.

Our school provides support and resources to help student-athletes navigate these requirements effectively. Teachers and counselors work closely with student-athletes to ensure they are on track academically and meet NCAA eligibility criteria.

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